Funnel? Drowning In Too Much Advice

I called a friend to go over my newsletter offering a course, and she suggested I don’t send it but instead to make three videos and offer a funnel. She took a course on it, and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to “be seen.” She was very clear how easy this will be (ha!) and what I needed to say. I trusted random advice that couldn’t be tracked and made the videos. One video was already needed for a sample of my work for a federal judge so it was planned anyhow. Still, I posted two and have one more before this “launch.” Basically, I am mad at myself for not emailing the list of students a personal invitation because I had not sent them the 16-hour course video. I felt guilty production was held up so I stayed silent and preferred not to go to them for an ask. I blame myself and feel my stomach tighten as I write this.

C Students
T Didn’t provide a lot of feedback or testimonials
F Sad. Embarrassed. Like they didn’t like my training so won’t want my coaching (not true- two signed up!)
A Don’t write them personally to tell them my coaching program is coming up
R Mad. Flimsy in the wind listening to too many people everywhere- don’t take action.

C Students
T They would LOVE my coaching program and are eager to sign up!
F Nervous trying to make anything happen
A Stay twisted, mad, lack self care, exhausted and want to hide
R Crappy thoughts about my coaching business