Our Funny Brains in Business + Need Help

Hey Brooke,

My brain was doing some hilarious things today so I wanted to share my self-coaching and to ask you a question.

I’m selling a course and to start with I kept thinking “I can’t help people, it’s not good enough” etc. but I made the course anyway as I was working with some intentional thoughts while those other ones were still there.

So I’ve had a bunch of people in my course now and I still felt worried at times it wasn’t “good enough”.

When I got my testimonials, people are raving about the course, saying how much it’s helped them, even within two days of joining.

I was elated for a while but I noticed today my brain LITERALLY said “they’re just saying that because they’re nice but they’re probably humoring me” – it was so fascinating to notice. Even evidence from others your brain likes to discount.

So I then asked myself “is there any other evidence besides testimonials?” and I remembered my students are sharing my content on social media, offering to put my course in their ebooks and sending me random success messages on facebook.

I’m focusing on that right now, but I feel like it’s time for me to believe it’s good enough. When I allow that, my brain says “yeah but it’s not perfect, you put it together quickly.” It’s scared to believe it’s good enough because I know I want to add to it one day with more knowledge. It thinks that if I accept it as it is, that’s fooling myself.

Ohh I think that might be because my brain thinks if I dive into 100% believing in the course and then a new student comes along and says it’s crap, that I’d be distraught and my brain would say “see you shouldn’t have believed so much, now you got hurt”. It thinks I’m not safe.

But my thoughts create my feelings, so I’m always safe.

Or maybe it’s “Feeling negative emotions in the future or present doesn’t mean I’m not safe. I can let myself feel hurt if I want to and process that emotion and I’d still be safe mentally, physically and emotionally. I have me and that’s all I need.”

I think I have a core fear that everyone is going to turn against me and I’ll be left alone (used to have nightmares about this as a child). That belief holds me back from believing in myself 100%

C: My life
T: Everyone is going to turn against me and I’ll be left alone
F: anxiety
A: Discount the positive in myself or my work
R: Alone with my “demons” (focusing on the negative) – is that my real fear?

How do I work on that thought? Accept that it might happen and decide what to think from there, or question the validity of the thought? Or work on that Result up there?