Gathered a "no"

I am just starting off. I am a therapist who trains other therapists on a particular model of therapy.
I have another job, so I just had two folks I was training end of last year. Both were planning on doing next training in Jan.
After listening to How to Double Your Business in 3 Months, I reached out to both of these people to check in on scheduling next training session.
Both basically said, “no.” One found a way to practice with another advanced student for free, said she would schedule with me in the future one more training session.
The other person said she has too much on her plate, just broke her wrist, and probably will not schedule any more sessions. I think she is going to seek training for free in a different avenue.

I was thinking that I would build this therapy training business and then hopefully move to coaching – though recently I’ve been feeling as if I will have to be too “out there” to be really successful with coaching. I’m a social introvert, and the introvert side of me is coming on strong. I don’t know that I feel like having a lot of eyes on me right now.

I’m a bit uncertain where to go from here. This is the first time I’ve asked a Business Ask A Coach.