General business questions for a growing studio

Hi there!

I have a business that started out as just me working as a dance teacher and choreographer. I was a contractor under my business. We eventually got a space to rent and held classes of our own and have continued to grow since then.

I now have 9 staff members and we offer not just dance but yoga, cheer, and tumbling with the occasional academic camp.

This fall we are opening a preschool program that I will be teaching as well. I would like to offer coaching to the parents to take their power back in the relationship with their preschoolers and have happier more peace filled days as they navigate this living changing time in their child’s development.

My business focuses on teaching to the who person, body, mind and spirit. I feel adding the school program and coaching is another step in providing all that’s needed for fulfilling that. Does this sound like too much? It doesn’t feel to me like it is but my life partner has expressed concern that I may be over-extending myself.

I have others who do the cleaning and teach all the movement classes now so that I can focus on directing and running the organization as well as adding and establishing new programs. I am having a home office built into the new house we are currently building and that will allow for more focused work and meeting with staff and clients as needed.

Thanks for all you do and for your patience with my large array of thoughts included here.