Generating motivation

The thoughts I would like coaching on are in the model below:
I would love some help with the results in this model I want to really show myself in a powerful way how this is not serving me because I keep doing the behavior I don’t want so obviously I am not REALLY seeing it.

C – Building my program and doing webinars to sell my remaining 1:1 Spots
T – I’m having trouble getting motivated right now but I will
T – I will go back to it eventually I’ll get back on track eventually I always do.
Feeling – Uncertain (or it could even be certain as I always DO go back to it and I know that I will)
Action – allow myself to slack off, watch shows, not do work for several days, take it easy, keep telling myself that I’ll get back to it because I always do, go easy on myself with the promise to myself of doing it later and coming back to it, don’t motivate myself, don’t do the things I want, self-coach every day to try to figure out how to FEEL motivated.
Result – ??