How to get new clients?

Hi Brooke!

I started a new email series course around increasing positivity into my client’s lives by implementing some practical ways that increased positivity in my life but also around changing their thoughts to make long term change. It includes a weekly workbook, weekly 30 min coaching calls with me, weekly mood boards, journal prompts, and guided meditations, daily love notes, and affirmations for $47.

I had so much fun creating all the content and making everything in indesign and getting it all set up! I had four people sign up which I’m super pumped about but I’d love to reach more people and have more people sign up for my program. I had broadcasted this program on my instagram and facebook. I created and launched a FB ad. I also went out and spoke to friends, family, and coworkers around what the program was and what they would have after the four week course. I’m not sure what else I should be doing to get my services out there?

Here is a model I have worked through:
C: I have 4 people signed up for my program
T: I’d really like more people in my program
F: Confused
A: Inaction
R: 4 people signed up for my program

C: I have 4 people signed up for my program
T: I already have 4 people signed up for my program in the first week!
F: excited, inspired, empowered
A: Researching how other coaches find more clients, continue to promote and talk to others regarding what my program helps people
R: More clients sign up

What are your thoughts?
Thank you for your help!