Getting a client signed for $5K this week

How do I get my first client to sign? I have my first consult booked for this week. I know that I can make $25K in 30 days and $1M this year. So that end I know I’m going to make $5K this week. What if I know exactly how to get my first client to sign? I’m going to create a lot of value through free live coaching calls which I know will attract many amazing clients. I don’t want to get caught up in creating content on social media. I want to show up from the place of doing what a person who is obviously creating a $5K client this week. I know there is no “right” way. The existence of worry, uncertainty, judgment, shame, doubt, or anxiety isn’t a problem. How do I get more consults booked? Maybe I won’t even need consults booked and clients will just sign based on my free coaching calls. I do think it’s all possible. How do I stay in this belief and sufficiency? What if I know exactly how?