Getting clear

okay I’m totally confusing myself. As you know, I want to build websites for coaches. But I also want to share what I am learning about money, thought work, and getting out of debt/making more money/budgeting. I was thinking I’d make a separate website/blog and IG for that, but now I am thinking I want it all under my primary website. I also want to eventually become a coach myself through LCS and I want to be a certified StoryBrand guide and I don’t want all of these things to be separate. But I just redesigned my website and I am thinking how can I make all of these things coherent so they make sense under one roof? It seems like it’d be weird on one day talk about websites for coaches and WordPress on my site and then the next day share a side hustle income report or to talk about how money is a mental construct and a form of energy. I also want to talk about meditation and feelings and consciousness and Joe Dispenza and all of the things I’ve gotten to be really interested in over the past few years. At the same time, I can see how they belong under one roof because they are all things I’m interested in. But what about my “target audience”? I am totally confusing myself here. lol How do I get clear on what to do?