Getting exactly what they need

I’m running a free challenge right now. The intention of this challenge is to help women become more open to see what is possible for them and then to lead them into making a decision that will change things for them. They can join my program and work with me to receive the support, guidance and coaching to reach the end result they want.

My thought error is around the free challenge being enough for them to arrive at the decision to move forward. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking “I won’t get the number of people I want.” Which goes back to the earlier model I did here (see “All of this for nothing” question topic). I explored the model presented there and realize I have a really deep heart-based reason for helping these women, but then often get stuck in the “numbers and data” which I also like, but I get really focused on that and create thoughts that spin me out. So, the feeling I want to generate is one of happiness, ease, confidence, and excitement and to know I’m always bringing in the right women, at the right time… whatever the outcome is number-wise.

What I want to believe fully about my free challenge is that it does break stuck patterns of belief for them and they are getting exactly what they need to be prepared to take the next step forward and join my program.

Here’s the intentional model I’m working out:

C – Free challenge
T – “These women are getting exactly what they need to be ready for the next step”
F – Excited and Confident
A – Believe I’ve prepared them to arrive at a decision
R – Welcome women into my program who have made the decision to join

Is this a strong model? Or am I missing anything here that will help me to believe they are getting exactly what they need?
When I look at the free challenge, I do think I’m doing an amazing job at preparing them. But I want to be in constant belief that this is true.
I want to bring people in to do the work that will actually completely change things for them in the direction they desire. I want to be the one to help them on that path. It’s an honor and a joy!

Help me to see anywhere in my thinking that could be strengthened or that I should look at differently to help me strengthen my own belief of what I am able to achieve and create within this free challenge launch I’m running.

I’m so excited because once I hit a specific number I’m aiming for, I’m signing up for LCS certification. It’s happening. I’m releasing the need for it to be a rush (where I used to be before …thinking it HAD to happen within a certain timeframe) and just holding the belief it’s happening, in the exact timing it’s supposed to. What my job is right now is to serve my people well and bring in the women that will help me create the results I want monetarily in my business, so I can serve them at another capacity with the LCS coaching tools I want to be able to use with my clients. I know I have everything I need right now to serve them well and it’s not outside of me, but I really want this!

What I don’t want is the eagerness for this to come out as desperation to have to have this all go the way I want… but let whatever is supposed to be.. be what happens. And I just show up with my thoughts and actions effectively, at my highest level for the world. SO – let me know what holes you see in my thinking! Thank you so much. 🙂