Getting my mind around money – I can imagine being a millionaire but not earning £60k pa

Hello amazing coaches,

So I am doing some thought work around money and having some great self realisation moments.  Here is where I got stuck:

I was thinking about thoughts I could try on that I like.  I thought, “I’m going to be a millionaire.”  It made me feel excited and want to take action.  Then I thought, “I set goals and achieve them.”  That made me feel proud.  Then I thought, “I earn £5k per month” and that made me feel anxious.

Say what!?

So then I thought, change the wording:

T “I earn from multiple revenue streams”
F excitement

but when I got a bit more granular about how that worked:

T “I earn £1070 from this business, £1500 from that business and £1500 from that business”
I still got
F anxiety.

So what is going on there?  Is it that I can accept a big number like being a millionaire because it’s just a nice statement that makes me feel good and that when I actually start to plan out steps, eg earn £5k per month then my brain goes, “err no”?

I couldn’t see it before I started writing it, but that would seem to be the case.  As soon as you write down how you are going to get started your brain shuts you down.

So peanut brain is happy if I say, “I’m going to be a millionaire” because no action involved?
and peanut brain is not happy if I say, “I earn £5k per month in this way……” because it starts to look like I’m about to take action and action = danger (to my peanut brain).

And if I am thinking along the right lines, then do I just carry on doing LOADS of thought work and taking action around the £5k to make it reality, and say, thank you brain, but you can just take it easy and enjoy the ride?

Excited for your response!
Thanks so much