Getting pumped to start my biz!

I’m starting certification this month and am really excited to get started. Had two great experiences today follow on Brooke’s Double Your Business challenge. First, even though I don’t yet have a business, I saw a post online from someone who I thought I could really help. I responded and explained my niche (for the first time ever), and the first comment back was from another woman saying, “wow, what a great area you’re focused on!” I was confident before that I have a good niche, but getting outside feedback from others helps me know I’m going to have a fantastic offer.

I also signed up to make some calls to voters in advance of the upcoming US elections. I decided to view it as practice making offers. Well, let me say, nothing like having dozens of people in a row hang up on you to get good at hearing a “no” and not taking it personally!! And it made the “yes, I’d be interested in talking to you” conversations that much more sweet. So fun.