Getting REALLY Clear on my niche

I am a business coach who guides my clients to extraordinary results in their business. This has been my tag line, my 10-second spiel. I think it would be good and help me attract more clients if I get clearer on this. So I have been working with the niche worksheet.

My clients are small business owners, often women, often with a few years or more of history, and often with no employees. I am considering what does my client value and need? I am a fixer. If you have a problem, I work to find the real problem and then create actions to fix the problem. I help my clients make more money, and find success on their terms. I am often the only person they can say anything to, the only one they truly trust. I empower my clients with confidence and skills to run their businesses. This is all fine.

But what is the CORE, the one or two words? or maybe I need to focus on my target market more than what I do….can you guide me on this work?