Getting really specific with my niche and exactly what I help women to do.

Hello, I’ve usually called myself a confidence coach, helping women to create killer confidence but I realised it doesn’t land well so I desire to get more specific.

What I truly love to do is help single women to create killer confidence so that they can:

Enjoy dating
Date for fun and growth
Put themselves back out there confidently
Set healthy boundaries
Not be a doormat but instead a dream girl

But more than anything I love to help women to create more pleasure in their own lives whether that’s with a man or not. My premise is helping women have the best relationship with themselves because from here anything is possible.

I would love support to narrow this down so I can double down my focus and call in the clients that resonate.

I don’t want to stop at coaching women to get out there and date because it’s more about loving themselves first.

I hope this is clear enough to be supported on, thank you.