Getting super clear


I’m starting to take my business more seriously. It’s been a “jobby” for the last three years and I’m ready to take it to the next level (terrifying! uncomfortable! but yes!). My problem is that I feel “unclear” about how to talk about what I do. Maybe the problem is I’m not fully narrowing it down. You know how people that are confident about what they do totally “feel themselves”? Like are totally in their own groove about the work they do? I don’t feel that way. So I’m having a hard time explaining and clarifying and pinning myself down. I’m applying to be at the farmers market this year and the application asks for a brief paragraph to use for marketing. And I am totally freaked out by it! I think the thought is “I don’t know what I do”. I know I’m shutting myself down and I want to work through it. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t even be applying and its the wrong decision. But I think thats only fear talking.

I’m an herbalist. I make beautiful, homegrown and wildharvested medicine from plants. My medicine practice is one of loving, reverent, and reciprocol relationship with the plants. I also work with people one on one in a healing capacity to foster physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and empowerment (but I don’t need to include this in the description). I am in love with the old ways of being in relationship to the earth, remembering how to be in good relationship with life. Slow craft, seed keeping, soap making, oil infusing, flower essences. I don’t know, this description doesn’t feel complete or comprehensive and its not what I would actually write in a description. I’m feeling really confused which I know is a lie but I am having a hard time seeing my way out of it!