Getting to an actual "NO" when making an offer.

I understand that when making offers we are trying to get to an actual “no.” I find that many people are too polite to actually say no…or if I ask them if I should send the link to join…they’ll say “sure,” but then never actually join.

When I’m making these offers, I’m also figuring out what they want and why this offer would be great for them. Sometimes, I feel pushy when doing this. I’m pretty sure that I don’t come off as being salesy…but it’s just the feeling that I have.

Here’s the current model that I am working on…

C:  I make an offer.
T:  They will think I am pushy
F:  Pushy
A:  I end the conversation or I let them fall off or give an answer that I know isn’t their true answer. I don’t want them to think I am pushy so I avoid digging deeper with them, even though it’s in their best interest.
R:  I don’t make as many sales as I could.