Giving Credit for Self Coaching Model (CM)

Hi! I’ve been working through the “How to be a Life Coach” podcast – and it is fantastic. So incredible that I can use that resource to start coaching to provide me the money to be in a future certification class of Brooke’s. Mind-blowing awesome. I understand (through many places that Brooke has mentioned – and in this Business Question area) that we are allowed to use the self-coaching model in our business as long as we give credit.

I had my formal credit set up with thanks to Brooke in my FAQ – so if anyone asks I have one spot to refer them to, plus I’ll mention it verbally often. In the thanks I had a link to TheLifeCoachSchool included. I just began reading the terms on your site (yeah, I read those) and it says we shouldn’t link without first okaying it with you. So, question is:
Should I remove the link completely and just leave the words, or would you like me to email it to you for approval?

Happy to do either! So grateful for everything. I’m going to do another post on where I am.