Giving myself permission to level up

Hi! On the final call with my 1st mastermind, I had a Coach “explain” that her new goals were now to get 1 or 2 more clients this year because she’s in Flow… and she went on about how she’s not graspy anymore etc. Fact: she’s newly financially dependent on her BF, and he just encouraged her to quit her day job, and she didn’t re-up with me because she “doesn’t have any money”. I asked her questions about why she’s now ok delegating money making (like bringing new clients in) for “someday” and focusing on a YouTube channel that she’s been working on for 2+ months. She began to cry. I felt called to coach courageously DESPITE the fact that it was our last session as a group. I have since connected with her – she explained all of the ways she has felt I’m hard on her and how she’s figured everything out.

C: Client cries when I ask her why she’s no longer trying to make money for her business
T: I did it wrong. I am a bad Coach
F: shame
A: tell myself if I were a better Coach I would have known how to ask those Qs in a better way
R: I totes did it wrong. Feel like a bad Coach.

I ALSO am trying to get to:

C: same (above)
T: Wow. That was something. I now choose to trust my clients always get what they need from our work together.
F: in service
A: move on with my life – keep coaching
R: I feel like a good Coach

I’ve apologized for “any and everything” I said that made her feel bad. She left me a message explaining (again) how she’s got it all figured out. I keep spinning out. Is it ok to simply allow myself to make mistakes, learn, and let clients go (this last mastermind session was it) with love?