Goal for June

My goal for June was $3500. Today’s the last day of the month and I’m sitting around 3387. Yesterday I did my math wrong and thought I hit my goal. I was so excited! I realized that was an error and then I have felt helpless and I have been watching money to see if I’m going to make it. It’s not late today and I don’t think I will hit $3500.

My overall goal is to make 10k two months in a row by April 2023.

I just feel like I am in hurry. I know this is all being created by my thoughts, but I just feel like there is so much I don’t know. What is getting to me is that I feel like I am powerless in what they buy, I can give opportunities and produce content, but I can’t make them buy stuff by my deadlines.

It’s amazing to me how I could go from on top of the world yesterday when I thought I hit my goal, compared to today when I realized i may not. I want to be happy I came that close to it, but the reason I’m not is because I know for July I have a 4000 dollar goal.

C: Seeing I didn’t hit 3500
T: If I can’t hit that, there’s no way I’ll hit 4000
F: doubt
A: buffer. not want to work. worry. distract myself with food. judge myself. not acknowledge my strengths.
R: I’m not working on a plan to hit 4k