Going live on facebook

Hi Brooke!
I would very much appreciate your advice on this one. I am hoping to come train to become a coach with you in August. At the moment, my absolute priority is coaching myself to lose the rest of my weight. I find that I am having to very consciously guide myself back to this as my primary goal as the thoughts of starting to become a coach are just so delicious and entering the worlds of Amy Porterfield, Russell Brunson et al and binging on all that fab content that is out there is very tempting. The world of an entrepreneur in the year 2018 fascinates me and I cannot wait to become part of it myself.
However, my priority IS weight loss.
Many friends have asked me how I have lost the weight and I usually write them emails and take them through the basics. I love doing this. But just this week, I had the idea to do a facebook live video on the subject – just to my friends as I don’t have a website or a blog. I have a lot to learn about being in the technical / social media space (I almost never post on facebook and don’t really consume much either) and the idea of the video is scary (but I know that scary = good for my development!). I do think it would be a great way to explain to my friends what I have done and prepare to get myself out into the world more. Maybe do a weekly facebook live just to find my voice and familiarise myself with the thoughts that this will bring up and the process. Are there any reasons why, in your opinion, this is a terrible idea? Of course, now that I am onboarding this idea for myself, my brain tells me that there must be a reason why, this indeed a terrible idea.
Thank you!