Group Launch

My 1:1 practice was full, so I started a group program. The first round, my goal was to have at least 5 moms enrolled. I enrolled three at discounted prices. I offered the last two spots to people for free so that I can get it off the ground, get good testimonials, get experience doing great coaching etc. It was a fantastic experience, everyone loved it and gained, and I loved doing it.

So I decided to do round 2. I thought for sure this time the launch would be smoother and easier. I did lower the price because the first time round I didn’t sell any spots at my full price, and I realized it’s because I didn’t believe strongly enough in my price. I picked a price that I felt so strongly about and went with it.

I chose to stay in massive belief and regular action, instead of massive action and wavy belief (like the first round). I did take a lot of action, I coached myself through the launch, and I really was in belief and good energy. And I only had two enrollments. This time, I decided it wasn’t worth offering free spots and I chose not to go ahead with it.

I coached myself and totally managed my mind around it. I didn’t make it mean failure. I chose to believe that it was part of my growth.

BUT -I guess my question is – do I take responsibility for the lack of sign ups? And if yes, how? How do I know what I should do different for next time? Is the cause of not reaching my goal my thoughts? It’s hard for me to see which thoughts and that it’s truly the cause of just my thoughts.

I would love some coaching around my previous launches, and about what steps would benefit me going forward.