Growing a business while working full-time, raising children (and being in indecision and fearful of consequences)

I am in search of assistance with how to grow my business while working full-time and raising a family. I was also recently diagnosed with ADHD and I am getting some support but have the thought that this may pose an additional challenge. I work in a school district as a department head of the Science Department. I have also been trained as a Life Coach.

I have embarked on the goal of making enough money 250-400K a year to be able to “justify” leaving my current positing where I am making over 150K and also getting benefits and a pension.

Each day I dread going to work because I am not passionate about what I’m doing. I recently completed the questions at the beginning of Brooke’s module on Time Management and really started considering how much time I am spending at work doing things I don’t enjoy and want to change this.

I have the story that I “need” this money from my current job (which I currently do to pay the bills and support my family) and that giving up my pension is stupid. If I stay in the job until I am 55, which is 9 more years, I will be able to collect my full pension which will be close to 100K a year. Being indecisive is also costing me because I go back and forth about “sticking it out” vs. leaving. I am now also questioning whether or not I even want to be a Life Coach, whether I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur because I dislike and lack the skills to articulate myself clearly, market on social media, believe in myself, etc. and I know these are all opportunities for growth but I also don’t have the bandwidth and I’m afraid of making a terrible mistake that costs my family. I have made decisions in the past due to my impulsivity, which usually result in regret so I’m a bit lacking in the self-trust department as well.

I need some coaching around this, please.