Guilt and shame

I wrote a book about a refugee woman and I have some interviews scheduled to speak about this project.
I have some thoughts that are not helping me in this task.

C My character in my book
T She is a victim of a system I’m part of
E guilt
A give money to association, ruminate, say bullshit during interview, stammer
R I make my own work useless in this situation

C My book
T I appropriate the story of vulnerable people I’m not part of
F shame
A say whatever during interview, ruminate, don’t see the value of my work, don’t see the value of me talking about the project
R don’t show up as the author I want to be

I think that my book is good, but that people are waiting for me to be an activist, to have a real commitment in politics, and this is not the case. I have no solution to offer. I was interested to write the better story I could. Could you help me to have more clarity? Thank you!