Hard Choices

I work in a regular day job, 9-5, so the time I have to work on my new business is limited to outside of those weekday hours. I want to start a coaching business and I am basically only at the idea stage. I am beginning to see that in order to actually grow from this stage there are a number of actions and steps that I need to be doing, so that I can move from “I really want this new business” to “It’s happening.” But I feel like I have to make some choices that are hard for me, and that I wish I did not have to make, in how I use my free time, i.e. when I am not at work I use the early morning hours before work as personal time for devotions, journaling and reflection. In my after work hours I divide between going to the gym, meal prep and errands. Evenings and weekends are family time when we share meals.

These are pleasurable and seem inherently good, however they are not in service of either my short or long term goal. I am really struggling with carving out sufficient time to do the work, while also feeling like I am groping in the dark about what steps to take. I created an unintentional model with this situation, and would like some feedback and suggestion for creating an intentional model to address this conflict and guilt.

C Spending time with family
T It’s important but costly and will not get me to my goal
F Conflicted, feeling guilty
A Spend time with family
R Don’t advance my start-up business.