Hate Doing Proposals & Setting Pricing

Hi. Every time I need to set a price, quote an estimate, put down a project fee – I go through the same cycle of fearing I’m charging too much or too little. No matter how I set the price I beat myself up after, deciding I should have asked for more or less. It’s ridiculous but I’ve been doing it forever. I’ve had people both tell me I charge way too little (consulting) and others tell me no one will pay what I’m asking for (training).Of course, I’ve had plenty of people just accept or reject the prices along the way.

In the past, I always had a ton of work come my way so the momentary panic didn’t bother me THAT much but now that my biz has slowed post-Covid and my old industry has had massive layoffs, I’m more insecure about everything related to pricing.

Intellectually, I know I deliver huge value and have testimonials and cases to back this up.

Model would look like this:
C: Request for proposal / service inquiry /post a price
T: Oh #$@, they aren’t going to want to pay me what I’m worth, AGAIN!!!
F: Tormented
A: Write and rewrite the proposal, hit send or post, feel panic, second guess myself at random moments until I get a response
R: They approve it and I wonder if I went too low. OR They don’t accept it and I kick myself.