Hate my face on video

I hate my appearance. I’m having trouble with wrapping my brain around being in my 40’s. I want to grow my business and people say I need to do video. People want video, they want to see me, etc. I feel horrible on video and although I want to charge higher prices, I tell myself I don’t look “high-end” enough. I can’t seem to do enough with makeup or hair to feel ok. I experiment with lighting and background and after the video posts I look at it and cringe, I hate my face on video and haven’t been doing video ads or courses because of it. I know this is a problem and it’s holding me back because not only do I rarely do video, but when I do I feel awful and I know it probably shows. also have been avoiding getting new photos for my website because I feel like I’ve gotten uglier since the last time I had one and I think only amazing photoshop can help me now and I don’t want to pay to be miserable and have my picture taken. I need help.