Hi Brooke – So I recently went through an entire business model restructure, which caused 4 of my part time staff to quit. It has affected my business and I also have a hater that won’t stop creating false accounts on fb and google and posting terrible lies and horrible things about my business and about me personally.

It really hurts. I have been creating models every day to try and self-coach myself out of this. But, it is also affecting my business….. This person (either past client or previous staff) is so disgruntled that she is also talking to current and past clients……. I have tried to ignore it, but she ( i might know who it is, but can’t prove it) keeps creating fake accounts and posting lies upon lies to try to discredit me and my business. At what point to I completely ignore it, OR investigate it and try to learn who it is?

This person’s disparaging comments and slandering is not right. I am spending way to many mental hours worrying about it and way to many hours focusing on this. I am hiding….and have completely shut down. I used to be doing fb lives all of the time, posting etc, but this has caused me for the first time, in years of being an entrepreneur, to question myself, my business and direction.

I keep hearing you say ” You have to be ok with people being wrong about you”… and I say this to myself every flippin day…… but it’s the affect it is having on my business that concerns me. What are my next steps? Is this a legal thing or a “manage my mind” thing. Please Advise