Have now started getting proper “no’s” and what to do next

I have setup my offer (to get a result in 3 weeks of intensive coaching) on a sales page. People can say “yes” and click on the “start now” button and go through to a sales page and immediately sign up to work with me. Or they can say “no” and click on the “no thanks” button and they go through to a page with a video of me, and a form to fill out asking them why they have decided that this offer is not for them.

It felt incredibly bold to go ahead and ask people to say no, and share why they said no. I have options including “my room is already organized” (basically not my ideal client); I’m tempted but can’t afford it; I don’t think it will work for me; I don’t understand how 1 to 1 coaching would work here; and other.

I also give an option to ask a question or give a suggestion, and provide their contact details for me to reach out to

So far I have 5 no’s. So I guess my numbers are 5 offers, 5 no’s and 0 yes’s.

2 people have said they can’t afford it, 1 person said they are already organized, 1 person said they can’t see how 1-1 would work.

Is this essentially what we are meant to be doing in what Brooke is teaching?

Getting no’s, even just starting with 5 is a good thing right? I almost feel like I’m pushing people to say “no” and that feels really awkward and counter intuitive. I guess I have hit the drama a little bit. Do I just keep on asking people to visit my sales page and vote yes or no? Thanks