Have the niche, now what?

Can you help point me in the direction of what to do once I think I’ve settled on a niche? I’m not sure where to access things in the vaults. I have found some of the monthly business coachings to be helpful from the archives. I’m particularly wondering if there’s anything that addresses how to segway INTO the niche, from a brand that has existed for a while.

I know there are consultants to hire who charge 5-10k for this type of work, but believe that money is better spent on actually producing the work which would be about 130 pieces of content for 5k. I don’t believe this is coming from a place of scarcity, but I’m not sure. In listening to some of the business coaching calls, and knowing that I’ve been successful in getting myself to the point I’m at now, and finally settling on a niche topic that is clear, I have been thinking this is something I can handle on my own by just DOING and producing the content I believe should be the niche direction of the brand. In what has been shared, do you pick up on other things going on?

Essentially, I think I can do it, but don’t know how. And think just doing it (posting on content that’s relevant to the niche) is the way to go, but questioning if I really need someone else to come in and help me grow.