Haven’t made money

Hmm so I quit my job to pursue coaching full time. It’s been 1 month and 10 days complete but I haven’t made any money yet. I have roughly 45 days to make around 1200$ so I can pay for Scholars.

I just feel like I can’t do it. I mean I do believe it can be possible. But scary thought is it’s possible that I might not make money at all.

I am scared because I will have to cancel Scholars because I have 0$ in my bank account and I don’t have a credit card either.

Yeah I am scared and already kind of disappointed that I won’t make the money cause I don’t know how to and I have never done it before.

Also I can’t find any right jobs suitable for me on LinkedIn and other platforms to support the income.

Feels stuck, disappointed and scared cause I really don’t want to cancel Scholars but won’t have the money to pay for it.