Haven’t started making content

I certified in April 2021 and have a niche that I really like. I was worried I wouldn’t find any clients, and I found one who I’m currently coaching. My niche centers on insomnia anxiety, so I joined some insomnia support groups on Facebook to begin to add value. It’s been harder than I thought it would be with so many people not believing in the idea that our thoughts create anxiety.

Even though I found a few people who seem to believe, most people believe in medication and aren’t willing to consider a supplemental cognitive approach to help themselves. Also, I’m worried about the type of results I can promise my clients. I can’t promise them that they will sleep, so I feel like I may not have a strong enough result to offer a client who just really wants to sleep.

Also, I feel like I might get sued for making a claim that I can help a client to sleep better even though I know that I can. I did it with myself, so I know it’s achievable. Because I’ve been worried about my niche, I haven’t been marketing myself or developing a website. Now I feel like my niche might attract so much scrutiny that I’ll have to shut it down before I can really get started. I’m stuck and not growing my business right now.