Having trouble with R line, thanks.

Here’s a model I have
C – X number of clients
T – I don’t have enough clients
F – nervous
A – I check the calendars all the time, I check to see if there are new referrals, I think about how we don’t have enough clients. I sometimes feel less part of the team (we all share clients and I feel maybe possessive of my own clients?). I brainstorm ways to get more clients.
R – I waste time?

all I could come up with was that I waste time…but it doens’t seem to really help me with any clarity. Like I waste time so I don’t spend the time getting clients?

Also – in the action – the emotion has I think actions that hold me back but also actions that move me forward (ie…motivating me to find a way to get what I want, ie more clients) – is that okay? If there are “conflicting” actions in this sense, how does that affect the R line?