Help around business goals

Hello Coaches!

I could use some help around setting a goal for my business.

I want to get clear on what I want / create a meaningful goal so that I can make a plan, and take actions that move me towards the goal.

Right now, I feel like I’m waiting for things to just happen to me or for me. This has worked *ok* for the last couple years (most of my business is referrals, but they only come intermittently), but I’m not making the money I want to make, and I’ve been living partially off my savings, which is not sustainable.

I want something to work towards and be excited about. I’ve struggled with creating a goal that sticks (the “why” hasn’t been hard enough for them), but after doing a lot of thought downloads about it, here’s where I am:

I want to be a successful consultant with a flexible schedule who gets to travel and makes the money to have and do what I want.

Working on the projects I want to work on is something I’d want to work towards, too, but – right now, I just want the projects and the money so that I can have the other stuff!

But…where do I go from here? That’s not necessarily a measurable goal…do I need to break it down? If so – any suggestions on how?
(Or do I have too much in the goal? Is it more of a money goal?). Is there a workbook that might help me?

Thank you!