Help cleaning up thoughts about clients

I need some help cleaning up my thoughts about having paying clients. I am having a lot of thoughts about myself, I judge myself and censor myself so much that I can’t be present for them. I am in my brain and in my own way too much to really help anyone.

Other thoughts I noticed were:

If I hurt my client I am a bad person
I need to be careful to not hurt my client
I don’t know what I’m doing
I am not a therapist to help them properly

So perhaps my model during the call is this:
C: Signing paying clients
T: I don’t want to hurt them
F: fear
A: question my questions, edit my teachings, don’t say the hard things during consult, censor myself (controlling everything I say or do), not present for them, I am thinking about my thinking instead of thinking about their thoughts, disagree with myself in my mind (I don’t like that question, I shouldn’t have asked that, wrong path to go), Resist the fear
R: I don’t sell coaching

I am believing I can hurt someone by saying something they will internalize and end up – worse case scenario – killing themselves. I think I would make that mean I am a horrible person, and I would be creating a terrible karma for myself. I know, so dramatic. But in my mind I am still taking responsibility for them but no responsibility for how I am showing up for myself. This is keeping me from taking on paying clients and from helping people. My question is how do I let go of this fear and create confidence in myself that I will not be hurting people? Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help