Help defining my niche (second half of life)

I’ve used the worksheet “Narrowing your niche.” Could you please provide your feedback on the outcomes below:
“Give meaning and Thrive your second half of life”
1- Does your problem fit into one of these broad categories ?
Yes, Health (energy, mental health) & Relationships (how to enjoy your relationships)

2- Narrowing to a submarket ?
Working middle management or executive women over 40 having a family

3- What someone will google
thrive & enjoy second half of life
the sense / meaning of life
Set goals & achieve them
Enjoy life after the children are gone / left home
making a successful mid life transition
Preparing for retirement
Enjoying retirement

4 – What is your solution to their problem
I teach you how to thrive & enjoy your second half of life by helping you set goals aligned with your values and needs and go and achieve them while enjoying the journey.