Help! No one is signing up!

Hi Brooke,
This is part 2 of a Q from last week that I can’t seem to find anymore re: a parenting-class-package I offered to parents who just finished my 6 week, free parenting workshop through my daughter’s school.

I blew minds and changed lives. Incredible feedback that went all the way to the administration. I got unsolicited verbal commitments from 6 parents staying they were going to sign up at the highest membership level for my next parenting series. BUT I’m not getting Venmo or mailed check enrollments for my upcoming parenting series. Classes ended last Thursday the 9th. Classes resume W the 28th- almost 3 weeks away. I gave out fliers with info and contact info. I sent out an email the friday after the last class with e-info. I sent another mail Saturday reminding only parents who’d verbally committed that they’d have to enroll by 3/19 to vote on the first class topic… still, crickets in my snail-mailbox, e-mail box and Venmo account… I’m not quitting, this is just the first step, but I don’t know what to do or what I could have done or should do differently.
I’m working on a website.
I’m meeting with someone about a FB live event.
I’m not tech savvy so learning as I go.
Open to any an all recommendations 🙂
Thank you!