Help or Release Clients with Trust Issues in a Membership

I run a business membership with collaboration as a core value. Over the past year, I had 12 members. 6 have trust issues. I already had to release 3 of the clients. Their trust issues were too extreme to work in a membership environment. 2 of the others are working through their trust issues nicely. The final 1 emailed me today with her trust issue. She may not be a good fit for a group environment that shares best practices.

I’m trying to decide if trust issues should be a filter criteria for membership. As in “If you have trust issues with sharing best practices or working through your struggles, a membership is not a viable option for you”

Or should I include a Pre-Work Module for overcoming that issue? Or should I add accommodations for people that don’t want to work through their trust issues? There are still courses they can learn from and self-coaching activities.

I’m also actively working to resolve my co-dependency obstacle. I tend to derail my business progress so I can fully help others with their results (business or personal). I also already made one change in my membership that may or may not hurt my business results in the end. I do not upload the recorded coaching sessions. Members that were coached may ask for their segment instead. It is to maintain their Program and Intellectual Property privacy. The sharing of best practices is not on the table to be eliminated.