Help With A Thought That Is Resulting in Inaction

I am a well-trained business consultant. I have a unique process for assessing the needs of business owners and their businesses and providing very effective solutions. I was trained and certified by one of the very best online marketers out there. You would probably recognize his name if I wrote it.

Last year I built my website, built a couple of lead magnets, and produced an on-demand webinar. I spent several thousand dollars on FB ads and got 149 people on my list. I began to build relationships with them and made offers. I got no takers. After some time of doing this I started thinking “People don’t want what I have.” and “People don’t like me.” I started feeling hopeless.

Those thoughts and feelings caused me to stop marketing to my list and feel rejected.

How can I work with this thought so that I stop feeling like a failure, feeling rejected, and can begin my efforts with a positive expectation?

I have had 2 coaching sessions with 2 of your coaches and both kept asking me about the circumstances. Questions like, “Did you email your list?” “What were you thinking when you emailed your list.”

This didn’t help me.

I have tried to work the model by myself.

I notice that I think “People don’t like me. They don’t want what I have.” is a circumstance. I believe it. It seems true to me. I have evidence for it.

But I know from listening to Brooke coach others that these are thoughts, not circumstances.

For what it is worth, I have identified that this thought that people don’t like me has actually been running in the background of my whole life. I am 64 years old now. I have a lot of evidence that it is true.

My father didn’t like me. I know that because he said it so, many times. That is a circumstance, right? My father said, “I don’t like you.” That is not a thought. That is a fact. Had anyone else been present, they would have reported the same thing. Right? So that is a fact. He said it. He said it many times when I was a child.

Though it isn’t part of the model, I ask myself why a grown man would say such a thing to a little girl. Not just once, but many times.

I was supposed to make him happy. He said, “You are my only chance at a successful relationship with a girl.”

But I didn’t make him happy. He killed himself almost 30 years ago.

So now I tell myself, “Even though he said it was your job to make him happy, it wasn’t your job. You could never have done that. You have to let go of the idea that you failed him. You have to let go of memory that he said he didn’t like you. You have to let go of the memory of him telling you how disappointed he was in you.”

You have to let go of the idea that people in general don’t like you. Some will like you. Some won’t like you.

You have to let go of the idea that people don’t want what you have.” Business is a numbers game. Some will want what you have to offer. Many won’t want what you have to offer. That is true for every business consultant. It isn’t personal.
I heard Brooke say she has 195,000 “no”s to get 5,000 “yes”s. I think I got about 15,000 “no”s to get 149 on my list. And no takers on my offer.

What thought can I tell myself to get myself to continue to face these “no”s and yet believe that I will start getting yeses?

That’s as far as I can get. Any suggestions?