Help with business goals R line & Thoughts to fully launch a program I keep wanting to change

I’ve developed a program for ambitious women with ADHD, to focus on confidence-building while taking action. I’ve had a hard time setting a firm goal, pricing and structures to allow me to fully launch this. I’ve been “planning” this for 2 years, and finally am ready to do it, but again, keep wanting to change things and postpone…

– I need to make sure I have a regular income base coming in to support myself and my family through summer and fall.
I want to make this both an outstanding experience for my clients, but also be so successful I can stop looking for a job at the same time as doing this, which is what I want to do.

ABout the program & my indecision:
It’s open for applications & I’ve received 2 already… but I’ve kept wanting to change the pricing and # of people enrolled as a goal. I keep waffling between:
– “This is a mastermind!” — make it intimate, with lots of custom curated support, and ask more for it, for 4 months. (2997/4 months / 12-20 people, at most)
– “This is open enrollment membership” — it’s a monthly fee, that offers custom, regular support for a community that will grow over time. (197-297/month)
In both cases, I want to enroll some of the students into 1:1 work as well and have limited spots open.

I’ve set a “start” date, have started to reach out to a list of women I’ve had in the past, but was inactive for a few years, to also new contacts.

How do I set a goal that is achievable, without being overwhelming?
Should I focus on the “mastermind” format, or keep it membership style, or just sell some 1:1?
How do I set the price point so I feel it’s fair and works for my budgeting needs to run this program, without me feeling that some might not be able to afford it? I’ve had a person say “it sounds amazing but it’s out of my reach, do you do scholarships?” I can’t build my business based on a ton of freebies and handouts. I’m happy to be generous, but need an income base to make sure I can provide a service. .. Can you help with some thoughts on goals ( R line) and thoughts