Help with model: Offering 12-month package

I am a coach who has so far offered 4-month packages. However, I would like to begin offering 12-month packages and I have a consult tomorrow. This person has told me what they want to work on together and I am positive that the 12 months would serve her much more than a 4-month package.  I am currently having some thoughts about 12 months and have done some self-coaching on them.  Here are my models.  May I please ask you to have a look at them and provide any feedback you may have?

Unintentional model:
C: 12-month coaching package
T: the client will think it’s too much of a time and money commitment
F: nervous
A: hesitate on the phone when I offer the package
R: the client isn’t confident with the offer to coach together for a year

Intentional model:
C: 12-month coaching package
T: This is what it’s going to take to transform
F: self-assured
A: Hold the space, stand for the client and her transformation, state my offer with confidence
R: being an example of what’s possible – doing something even though it feels scary (offering 12 month packages), she trusts me to be the expert, she is able to voice the concerns and objections that arise in her own brain, and not the ones in mine.

I have created these other intentional thoughts as well:
T: I am the expert in transformation
T: 12 months is really not a lot in the grand scheme of things. I studied and worked for 7 years to become an accountant, and people routinely spend decades becoming doctors.

Thank you!