Help with model

Here’s a thought for my impossible goal of 100k in health coaching.

Unintentional thought:
C- Impossible goal
T- I’m not extraordinary or inspiring enough
F- unworthy
A- Hide, compare myself to others, procrastinate on looking for clients, look for all the reasons I believe I suck and judge myself for it

Can’t figure out the R.

I guess it can be that because I think I’m not extraordinary, then I don’t DO anything extraordinary like attempting my impossible goal.

Intentional thought:
C- impossible goal
A- show up

Also having trouble with the intentional thought model

What I want is to stop hiding and actually show up for myself and the people I could potentially help.

If I could just show up, put myself out there, create content and webinars and live videos, you know — actually be SEEN by people… I really think I could make what I once thought was impossible, possible.

I guess that would be the action I want to take.

I’m having trouble coming up with thoughts that generate this type of actions.

Being willing to be seen.

Any guidance is appreciated.

Thanks Brooke.


Ps. I’ve actually lost over 65 pounds in my own weight loss journey. You’d think that would be evidence for me to believe that I can help people. Brain doesn’t think so.