Help with putting words to the niche I wish to create a program for

I am a registered dietitian in private practice. Abrupt and painful ending of 19 years working in a program for a very targeted population- felt awful but amazing thing to ever happen to my career. I am now 1.5 years in being AMAZINGLY HAPPY in practice by myself. Successful from day one because of the 19 years experience- developed a reputation. Very very grateful. Had to hire a personal assistant 4 months earlier than I had planned because the practice was growing faster than I had predicted. My practice is broad scoped ( I see kids and adults) and I like it that way- it makes me happy and it makes me money. I spent a long time being very focused on a single population- I felt done and burned out. In addition to seeing clients as a dietitian, I have been delivering really high quality seminars, and just finished an on line group class- most have not been paid work- they have been done in exchange for my space to practice or as a gift- to my church family. I have an office is in a really wonderful women’s fitness studio- I pay no rent (estimated value of $ 10000) per year just in space, the marketing opportunity is priceless. I have been more than happy to deliver seminars in exchange for my space and ready market. These seminars/ programs have been well received and I have a blast doing them but they are a ton of work. Its time to expand my income stream from insurance driven reimbursements and service in kinds for benefits- address a problem I see with a valuable solution that I am more than capable of providing. I want to offer a group format for women who want to lose weight for the last time. I have been using the model with my clients- its amazing, especially with the eating disorder population that seems to be a growing referral stream to my practice. I have learned that eating disorders are way more prevalent and broad in scope and I have also learned that I am good at this work. Personally, I have participated in supportive health groups which I have LOVED. I want to combine the individual work using thought management (the model) with a supportive group model. I believe its a winning combination. Use our need to connect and belong with our need to be coached on managing our thoughts/brain and deliver high quality outcome driven education. I have a significant “vault” of my own content. My intention is to get this program designed and ready to offer as a fall 2020 start.

I am new to scholars but have done many of Brooke’s Webinars, courses. Currently doing How to be an Entrepreneur- which is amazing. There are no words big enough to describe my gratitude for finding the Life Coach School. It was a divinely sent gift at a time when I was in great need and open to learning.
Thank you in advance and apologies for the lengthy question.