help with result / evergreen course

Unintentional model

C working on evergreen course
T if this doesn’t sell I’ve wasted two years of my life
F panic
A hurriedly work, go into resistance, try to ‘get it right’, actually take longer, hyper-focusing on details, have no balance
R I continue to ‘waste’ my life by not enjoying the process

Intentional model – well I know I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my life. I think I’m the most clear on the action I want to take – I want to enjoy the process of working on my course and funnel with the mindset of the entrepreneur I have within me.

C working on evergreen course
T There is enough to go around
F Ease, not rushed
A I enjoy the process of working on my course because I actually like creating content and marketing it. I add my own little signature and flare and sink into the process of creation. I feel connected and part-of. I take care of myself and allow rest and restoration. I find a happy balance in my life.
R I create from a place of abundance? Hmm, what is the result of that? I give and receive effortlessly?

I tried on a bunch of thoughts: “Everything is working out in due time, nothing has gone wrong, this is my creative process, this is all part of my process, what if this were more fun than I imagine? There is enough to go around” – the one that hit on the head was “there is enough to go around”. I start to feel panicked because I feel I’m missing out, and I can see that is coming from a scarcity mindset. I don’t want that scarcity mindset anymore, and I actually DO believe there is enough to go around!!! Plugging that into my model.

So I feel very confident that I just felt the visceral switch from scarcity to abundance mindset, and it feels wonderful. But what is the result I create when I work from a place of ease and abundance?