Help with this model

C – My business profit is negative
T – I should find a solution
F – overwhelmed (because I keep thinking of ideas for solutions, new business ideas that really excite me, or new ways to expand the business and new ways to achieve my goals)
A – Trying a little bit of too many things
R – going around in circles

C – My business has a problem
T – the solution involves someone else because there is someone who HAS the solution (my mentor who has already achieved what I’ve been trying to achieve for 5 years) but his way of SHARING that solution is not working for me, and I want to create a step by step process that can be shared with other people as well
F – excited
A – create a plan and tried to share it as an idea over the phone to my mentor, but his response created another issue that I need to find a solution to. He immediately rejected the idea, saying “you don’t need a whole program, all you need is…….” and then he just starts going off on what I need to do which is what usually happens, at a time and place where I’m not ready to take notes or do anything about what he is saying… and this is pretty much how our mentoring sessions end up every time, which is why I don’t actually reach out to him very often because it’s just not that productive unless it’s like a yes or no text message with no conversation needed… UGH!

Any help please!