Helping at-home moms create their little business

Hi Brooke and Coaches,

I have been a therapist for over 25 years and always wanted to “give a job” to people. I once had a housekeeper, but felt it was not enough…
I want to expand my business with coaching – overweight will be one area (as soon as I get enough credibility in my own eyes !); life coaching will be another of course.

And one area I looked in for myself first is the entrepreneur webinar in the assets.
I started to translate it in French so my brain could have something to think about in its own language and make it a base on which to create my own stuff. But I find it difficult to do it differently without losing on the quality because I can’t imagine a better approach!

So Brooke, here is my question : would it be ok with you if I use the same step by step structure as in your webinar, then offer it as you did offer it to me? Of course your name will be mentionned in any way you wish as well as anything you want me to provide for as a conterpart. Just tell me.
Same question about the Model : translating it and using it. There is a company 2 villages away which makes subtitles and doubling, if this is affordable for me, would you allow me to have it professionally done in French?

I allready have a little over 10 people interested to learn how to create their own business as soon as I am ready.
I will make a nice PowerPoint Presentation for them (with nice pictures reflecting what you convey and without bullet point!). If they are interested in more and want to receive help from me to achieve their goal, I will be more than happy to provide some coaching in various areas – getting started and organized; managing their brain; being creative with the look and content of their site; the first steps of marketing for a successful little business… one or all!

Thank you in advance for your answers!