High Ticket Program Flop

I signed up for a coaching program that teaches you the A-Z of starting and running a high ticket coaching program. I paid 10K to be in this program.

I learned some things but ultimately I really disagreed with the coach’s tactics – she often made women cry, she was rude and insensitive (all thoughts, I know) and all I could think of was – I would NEVER coach my clients this way and I cannot be a part of this.

Ultimately I stopped doing the program and have decided to invest in other programs BUT it weighs SO heavy on me that my husband paid for me to do this program because he believed so much in me and I didn’t come through with what I said I would – a high ticket coaching program that would be up and running by Jan 2022.
I have guilt and shame and I often think ” I wish I had never signed up for that program”

I need a way to move forward so that I can create a business that thrives …right now I am creating from a place of “Oh shit I better make money since my hubby paid 10K for a program I failed at”