Hiring A Strategist For Problems You Haven’t Solved Yet

In the Entrepreneur training, Brooke mentions the value of hiring a Strategist to figure out a process to get a desired result. However, I also recall Brooke saying to not hire someone to solve a problem you haven’t already solved first.

I struggle with these competing ideas because I recently hired someone to generate leads from Instagram, which I have not been able to figure out myself. After a few months, we still hadn’t generated a lead from Instagram, so I ended the contract.

Although the person I hired had not previously known how to generate leads from Instagram, she is very competent and, based on what I know now, was more of a Strategist than a Tactician. Now, I am wondering if I made the right choice to let her go.

Do I need to figure out how to generate a result first in my business before I hire someone to replicate that result? Or do I hire Strategists to figure things out that I haven’t yet? What is the better path?