Hiring a Virtual Assistant

I’ve gotten to the point where I am so freaking busy in my coaching biz with clients and sales consults as well as brand deals with my Tik Tok brand and also managing my network marketing team that I feel it’s time for me to hire a VA. I’ve been recommended a few times, and I am definitely feeling called. I guess my hesitation is stemming from the following thoughts:

– What the heck do I ask a VA to do?
– What if spending that money means I can’t afford rent?
– I don’t even know what to ask my VA to do.
– This is overwhelming.
– Maybe I should give up some parts of my business.
– Maybe I’m taking on too much.
– Ugh, I’m fucking scared.
– What if I can’t handle all this new success.
– I have tears in my eyes as I type this.

Wow .. I just did this download right now wasn’t expecting all this to come up. Idk .. I’m scared to be honest. Part of me wants to crawl into a cave of comfort and hide. Help!