Hold back from asking business questions

I have been wavering on my belief in my niche, offer, and pricing for the last several months. I’m a coach for school leaders. I started my business full time 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve been working on building my brand and increasing the awareness of my services. I have not been able to make more than $13,000 per year and this year my income went down to $6600. I feel discouraged based on the thoughts: It’s been over two years. I’ve invested a lot of money into coaching. I’m not making money as a coach. I must be doing something wrong. Maybe the industry (of education) isn’t ready for or open to life coaching. Maybe I should pitch to the district level administrators who decide on how to spend the money.
What I end up doing is running these thoughts through a model and I can see how the thoughts are holding me back, but I slip out of belief. And on top of that, every time I reach out to ask for coaching support, I find myself saying “You’ve been taught everything. You can figure this out on your own. Don’t rely on other people to tell you answers.” Then I don’t reach out for coaching and I stay caught in this spin cycle of not hitting my 100K goal.