Hostility on Social Media

I am a weight loss coach working under the umbrella of another company. I’m struggling with the hostility I get on social media in comments and particularly people who send me messages telling me to stop posting, that they hate seeing my posts, that I’m bothering them or they don’t like what I’m doing. Most people are great but these few people who have gone out of their way to write these things have made me so hurt and angry in the past I now fear opening my inbox or posting. It’s so bad my business has stalled.

I have always had the belief that I’m not wanted and that I don’t matter so I’m really working on my beliefs by working through the program on Believing New Things. However, I’m still not sure on how to deal with this overwhelming fear of receiving these messages. I have the belief I’m not wanted and I’m bothering people with my business but I don’t know how to I handle it when someone turns round and tells me that it’s true. How do I handle this?