How a 1 on 1 coaching call should go

I am a life coach. I help my clients with money/money mindset. My clients have been getting good results and nothing is wrong. I just feel the calls could go smoother. I am currently working with my fourth client and I am sure with time and practice it will feel more natural. My questions is how do I go deeper? I feel as if some of the calls are surface level and more information/conversational than coaching.

C- Call with client
T- Is this deep enough? How do I actually take this further and coach?
F-Uncertain and nervous
A-Stay surface level, teach, talk but not coach.
R- Results are good but not amazing and transformational.

I notice my clients say they get great results, BUT I want to show up ready to go deeper when they are ready and I find it challenging to get into coaching energy when the calls start off conversation in the beginning.